Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i have purposed in my heart to follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

it has been way too long. greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. i have been away so long, i don't know what to share. so i'm going to start with my grandchildren. this year marked the 6th birthday for my oldest, Sam, his brother Peter turned 4 in september and just prior to that, on july 20th my 3rd grandson Andrew (affectionately called Andy) arrived. all three boys are my oldest son Simon and Mindy's beautiful children. and what a happy family, full of love, affection, fun and adventure. Peter is a pistol, he leaps without looking. he's so full of life, his smile can't be wiped off his face unless he gets an 'owie'. but soon it returns. he decided one outing with his pop and brothers at the golf course to just leap out of the golf cart before dad stopped and his left foot was run over by the cart. this was just before his 4th birthday. boy did he love telling the story. his little limp went on for about 2 weeks. Sam has always been the calm, sweet and loving child, caring for his brother(s) and comforting Pete in all his boo boos. now he has Andy to watch over too and so far Andy has the same sweet, happy spirit as Sam . he's such a good big brother.

anyway, i missed the last weekend crop (oct. '10) because i was in a funk. spiritually, physically and emotionally. i could not tell you specifics, i just knew i would be dead weight to my friends and i had no desire to mope away such a fun and entertaining and productive time. so, i am going to our next 2-12 hour crops in november and december and our retreat in january 2011!! signed up and paid for! i still don't know how to download pictures from this mac my son gave me 2 years ago and i am at the mercy of my 18 yr old daughter to help me, but she is always on the go. so, no more saying i will post until it actually happens. i will learn somehow, by taking copious notes and practice, practice. i have no school for a week during the thanksgiving break and then two weeks for the holidays of Christmas and new year's. i just put a big post it note on my computer monitor. i am really enjoying the spray mist products, the masking, grungeboard (actually i like everything tim holtz style) and then my usual paints, hand written journaling, making my embellishments, etc.

it's 12:45 am. i don't start my shift at school till 11 am, but i like to get up at 7:45 am and check the emails, facebook, blogs, etc., drink a couple cups of coffee, and go out to my studio to do something or look at what i did the night before. so, i will say aloha for now and with all good intentions, i shall post again soon. Mahalo to anyone who reads this and would like to post some helpful tips on how to get my pics from iphoto (MAC OS X program) to my blog page.

Stamp-n-Design: Just Believe Twisted Pyramid Card

Stamp-n-Design: Just Believe Twisted Pyramid Card

what a beautiful card and technique. i am going to give it a try. thank you!