Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My second son's wedding is only 7 days away. I just learned yesterday that my third grandson (from my oldest son) is a boy, his name is Andrew (due to arrive in July)! Wow, am I one happy and blessed mom and Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandmother). I am slowly and painstakingly learning how to upload photos to my blog and a new group I just signed up with, "My Unity Place" with Unity Stamp Company. Will be adding favorite blogs to follow later. Need to make a list. As much as I would like to portray a simpler and happier time in my life, it just would not be true. I am nearing the end of another decade of my life (the fifties) with many uncertainties, i.e. marriage, health issues, and an economy that will not allow me to support myself. Yet I do not feel burdened or sad because I know from whom my strength comes, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is for me ever present in so many times of need. And, I will not succumb to self-pity and depression. Well, that said, I am working on my second son's and fiance's 'dating' album. They have supplied me with excellent material in photos--they are so much fun, goofy, laughing, everyday stuff that makes they grow in their knowledge of each others' strengths and shortcomings and working through all the issues that need to be dealt with before and after they are married. They are both meant for each other, God has prepared each of them for each other. They are and always will be a work in progress, with the wisdom to know that communication is a #1 priority. OK, enough for today. I can't seem to get off the topics of my kids, so tomorrow I am going to try uploading a few scrapbook pages of those two love birds before they actually get married. Hopefully it won't take 8 days to figure out! Aloha for now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another year or so .....

Another large segment of time has flown by. Whooosh!!!! But I have the greatest news to share. My son Benjamin is getting married on March 5th, 2010 to a beautiful lady named Heidi Miller. They will remain here in Bend after they are married. Yipee!!!! I am expecting my third grandchild from my oldest son Simon and wife Mindy, in July of this year. (my grammar may be off there, ???) I am no longer a Stampin Up hobbyist, but would like to return to that sometime soon. I miss their great products. I have been faithfully scrapbooking, my favorite hobby and reading material subject. I drive my family nuts with this, but so we are. The super information highway has left me in the dust and I am glad. I don't need high tech in any part of my life. I love paper, ribbon, metal gadgets and my Cricut die cutting machine. Needless to say, I have not learned how to download pictures of my pages, but am always hopeful my daughter will be patient with me again and show me how. Today I attended the last Tea that my wonderful friend Janice May has done for so many years past. She and her husband Dennis are going to be caretakers for a Bible Camp on the other side of the mountain from here, somewhere around Medford. We went to family camp with them two years ago, and yes we had a great time. But I will miss my dear friends. For the last year we have had dinner and a movie night every week. It was our way of staying connected. It is so easy to get caught up in the work 'vortex' (comment from a friend this week who I have not seen in years) and not stay connected with friends. I am still a lunch lady, now at a Middle School (what happened to Junior High) because it is only 10 miles from home and not 20, so I am very blessed with the move in January. I hate to say my life is boring, because I don't think it is, but it is pretty much one sided. I have been separated from my husband for 3 years now and it is just my daughter and I. She will be 18 in April. Gladly, she and her friend Anna (her parents are the ones leaving town) will be setting up their apartment in part of my studio (a separate building which used to be my salsa commercial kitchen) until they find full time work and can afford an apartment. I am glad they will be close to me. (funny, it's only a hop, skip and a jump out the back door) Bekah will be able to keep her dog and Anna's parents will be relieved to know that their daughter will be with close friends.
Aloha for now..............must go find the fabric I want to use for my dress to wear to Ben & Heidi's wedding!!