Thursday, May 20, 2010

blog hopping

i have been blog hopping with ippity this morning! what a fine group of very talented ladies, providing a wealth of ideas, using awesome products and giving much joy and fun inspiration to many! i could not have spent a better one hour doing anything else. but, alas, i must get ready for work. ugh! another day of doing dishes for the school district! don't mind the work, i love working by myself, but at my age it's backbreaking and painful on the hands. no whining here, just the facts. can't wait to get home, soak my hands in warm water, then start being creative too! thanks unity ipity chicks! i had a very relaxing and peaceful and inspiring morning!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

crop weekend!

i am so looking forward to this weekend's crop. i have missed my scrapbooking buddies for a long while. or maybe is seems so long ago because winter will not go away!!!!! this weekend promises to be a beautiful one though, and i know, i am going to be indoors. but, i will be by a big picture window--with a view of a side street, a credit union and an athletic club. all complaining ceases now!

ok----i am giving myself some advice: don't read your own posts. golly me, they are depressing. i am not a doom and gloom person. i have a great outlook on life, live on the positive side of it all as much as possible and above all do not wish to be a complainer. so, that being said;

i love scrapbooking and some card making. i signed up for unity stamp company's kit of the month. they are a refreshing new company (2 years old now) with original and exciting stamps. they are deeply etched red rubber, cushion layer, and then a cling backing. red rubber has always been my favorite stamp of choice and with the introduction of cling backed red rubber stamps (maybe a decade or so ago) i can have my favorites and save on space as well. so i am anxiously awaiting May's kit to arrive, but i have february through april's kits to take with me to my crop.

another company i really adore is called scarlet lime scrapbooking kit club. their kits are not your ordinary boring, they are always bright and cheery. i love the variety of papers, ribbons, buttons, even fabric pieces to incorporate onto your layouts, and each month a new clear stamp for noting the date on your page is also included.

i am not a designer or otherwise for either above mentioned companies. i just wanted to share what i enjoy.

wow, my youngest turned 18 on april 23rd! yikes!!! my sons' are 36 and 25. i still don't feel or think i look like i do (when i see myself in a mirror for example), but reality is not forgiving. i am looking my 59 years and feeling all the aches and pains that go with RA, OA, FMS and thyroid problems. ick, so many abbreviations above. hahahahahahaha, i still love life to the fullest and find that the joy of the Lord is my strength!

i have told myself that i will learn how to post pictures of my hobbies, but haven't yet. so, after this weekend, i hope to learn and post pictures of my scrapbooking weekend. Aloha for now from Bend.