Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My second son's wedding is only 7 days away. I just learned yesterday that my third grandson (from my oldest son) is a boy, his name is Andrew (due to arrive in July)! Wow, am I one happy and blessed mom and Tutu (Hawaiian for Grandmother). I am slowly and painstakingly learning how to upload photos to my blog and a new group I just signed up with, "My Unity Place" with Unity Stamp Company. Will be adding favorite blogs to follow later. Need to make a list. As much as I would like to portray a simpler and happier time in my life, it just would not be true. I am nearing the end of another decade of my life (the fifties) with many uncertainties, i.e. marriage, health issues, and an economy that will not allow me to support myself. Yet I do not feel burdened or sad because I know from whom my strength comes, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is for me ever present in so many times of need. And, I will not succumb to self-pity and depression. Well, that said, I am working on my second son's and fiance's 'dating' album. They have supplied me with excellent material in photos--they are so much fun, goofy, laughing, everyday stuff that makes they grow in their knowledge of each others' strengths and shortcomings and working through all the issues that need to be dealt with before and after they are married. They are both meant for each other, God has prepared each of them for each other. They are and always will be a work in progress, with the wisdom to know that communication is a #1 priority. OK, enough for today. I can't seem to get off the topics of my kids, so tomorrow I am going to try uploading a few scrapbook pages of those two love birds before they actually get married. Hopefully it won't take 8 days to figure out! Aloha for now.

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