Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August is almost half over!!

I don't want summer to end. I love summer. I am tired of winter. OK, enough I's. This will be our 23rd Autumn. A very beautiful season. Having moved from Hawaii, experiencing the 4 seasons is beautiful. Missing the awesome Hawaii weather is bittersweet. We returned in 2005, our first trip home since moving here. It was wonderful. I returned again in January 2006 with my oldest some and his family. His wife was also born and raised in Hawaii. As I get older in years (not in spirit) the winters in Central Oregon never seem to end until well into June. And yet there have been years when summer was a very short two week period. So, every warm to hot day is cherished by my bones and muscles and much appreciated. I love Central Oregon, we have roots here. I just need to get my attitude adjusted and dig in for Winter, which should arrive around October, or November. It's been known to have a little winter, then a little spring, then back to blizzard winter, then mid-winter spring. You get the idea! Aloha for today!!

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