Sunday, April 3, 2011

my hawaiian sista has found me!

i received the happiest email of my life a few days ago (or maybe just yesterday) from my hawaiian sista linnie. we were school mates, kailua high school, class of 1968!! hi linnie!!!!! you better not get married and not invite me, even if you just go to the court house (a friend of mine, her daughter and new hubbie did this). i need to be there. you were there for me, oh so many years ago. this is a personal blog, i guess, since i am aiming right at you my friend.

bekah and i are doing good. she has two part time jobs and is always on the go. not forgetting to have fun in the between times. she makes me so happy, she'll never know just how much. she lovingly called me her senior citizen mom once and i liked it so i keep reminding her that i can't keep up! ben and heidi celebrated their 1 year anniversary on march 5th and a couple of weeks later announced that heidi is pregnant. yipee!!!!!!!!!!!! that will make me tutu to #4! my 3 grandsons from simon and mindy are so wonderful. we play, talk, go on walks, i feed andy when i'm there. he's crawling now. just started a few nights ago!! he's 8 months now. sam is 6, 7 on 5/29 (oh gosh, too fast to grow up my keiki) and pete is 4. they are all doing good. these are wild times we live in. have you ever read the book of Revelation. it is the last book in the Bible. well, it describes what we're experiencing so much of now, or as stated in other parts of the gospels, it is like experiencing birth pangs (without the reward of a sweet child, but the blessed hope of eternal life with Jesus Christ and Almighty God)! ok, another time............

i love my scrapbooking! i have been to 1 retreat, and three 12 hour crops (saturday's) so far this year. next 12 hr. crop is 4/16. it is a great time to catch up on what's been going on with my friends since i don't normally see these ladies except during scrapping times. we share our lives, family news, recipes, scrappy ideas, supplies, food, on and on we go. we decided to meet once a month to make cards (the 6 of us that always share the same table), since we like to make cards as well. we turned 60 last year didn't we linnie! i am puzzled by my mixed emotions, i can't put a finger on it yet, so i make notes here and there about how i'm feeling. it's a new era, a time in my life that i did not spend much time thinking about, it just arrived. i feel the same, look the same, act the same. but i get the feeling i should be on the "lookout" for things to come. crazy, i'll talk more when i can put a name to it.

do you remember the time you and chrislynn came to babysit simon and newborn ben so that steve and i could go out for our anniversary dinner? we honestly did not rush (i sure didn't) but we returned before ben even woke up. maybe you should have spent the night that time, because he did wake up!! now he's 26 and expecting his first child (thanksgiving time), in the process of buying their first home, good job, awesome german shepard, Atia is her name, and Jorge Michael the cat (heidi named the cat). he has this receding hair line, affectionately called his 'nerd' head. ah, i miss you linnie, i really really do. we need to talk story! and have tea! and go shopping, walk on the beach, remember stuff. give your mom a big hug for me. i hope her health improves; i hope you finish that condo before bill gets home (and rented too!). let me know how chrislynn is doing and all your beautiful grand-babies (not babies anymore huh?)! did windward side have to evacuate for the tidal wave from japan earthquake? so sad...............i heard a news report that the japanese people are so cultured, there was no looting, no rioting, no crazies! much sorrow though, huh?!

well my dearest friend, my hands hurt from pulling out those nasty little studs from my tires so i don't get fined $100 starting tomorrow. they extended the time to have studded tires off cars till 4/4 due to some bad storm heading our way over the weekend. never showed up. sunshine, but not too warm. probably will snow  tonight and tomorrow tho'! ha!!! i sound like an old pessimist. but i'm not, i'm still the optimist, thankful for each new day that i can crawl outta bed HAHAHA!

Aloha my friend, until next time,


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