Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love Thanksgiving

this is the time of year i enjoy the most. i have several good reasons, and several selfish reasons, so i'll start with the good reasons. i am thankful every day i wake up and can get out of bed. i thank God for this and i also thanks Him for so many, many other things as well. my selfish reasons began about 10 years ago when my oldest son's beautiful wife Mindy started a new Thanksgiving tradition of hosting this wonderful day and feast. my son, Simon, cooks the turkey in the deep fryer and also a traditional turkey in the oven. mindy bakes pies, makes the favorite sweet potatoes with marshmellows, green beans, lattes..................oh the list goes on. i bring the cornbread stuffing and cranberries (so easy). did i mention that they do all this with three growing boys, the oldest being 7, that is Sam, next comes Pete, at 5, and not last but next is Andy, at 16 months. in January, 2012, miss Ruby Lynn Kuulei Delery will be introduced to the world, what joy and excitement. so, don't you think they do a tremendous amount of work for Thanksgiving?!! Mindy is 37, i had my second son when i was 37. she will be close to turning 38 when miss ruby arrives. i, on the other hand was 43 when i had my daughter, rebekah.  my middle son married a year and a half ago to beautiful Heidi Lynn and they are expecting their first child just after Thanksgiving, around the 28th. so, you see, i am so blessed, and so thankful, because i serve an awesome God who loves me unconditionally; who sent His Son to earth as a newborn child, to save us from our sins by sacrificing His life for ours, thereby taking our sin burden upon His sinless life. all we do is ask Him into our lives, confess our sins, which are forgiven forever, and with the help of the Holy Spirit lead a life that is pleasing to God and brings Him Glory. now, while that may all sound so simple, it isn't. but He, God, left us His Word, the Bible, and what a manual it is. read it sometime, then read it all the time. Let God be Himself in your lives, He will change you from the inside out. it's eternity with Him or eternity with the devil. it's not a difficult choice at all!

i'm going to be doing a stampin up workshop on the 2nd of December. my first in about 4 years. i have so many ideas in my head, tomorrow i will start designing a few of those ideas. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob become your God also. it's never too soon, none of us are guaranteed a long life. tell your loved ones too!

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